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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Due to the LED street light environmental protection, energy saving, maintenance is convenient wait for a advantage, by the public praise of consumers. And corrosion resistance of the LED street lamp is strong, long service life and suitable for any climate environment, surface for hot dip galvanized coating process, the LED street lamp performance is greatly improved, to achieve the most stringent production index. LED street lamp, laying and maintenance is very convenient, and saves the manpower, greatly improving the construction efficiency, even so, the LED street lamp of management can not be ignored, because the LED street lamps and other light pole, in the open state, it is easy to suffer from the harm of lightning, wind and other bad weather, so need to regular inspection and maintenance. LED street lights maintenance convenient, greatly reduces the traditional light pole maintenance manpower and material resources, and needed to charge and discharge controller are designed to balance the function and cost control, complete implementation of LED street lamp high cost performance. In order to ensure that the LED street lamp can long-term reliable operation, prolong the life time of the LED street light, LED street lamp management rules and regulations shall be established and perfected, form long-term LED street lamp management mechanism, the management of the permanent disposal good LED lights. LED street light the economy and environmental protection, has a broad prospects for development, should vigorously promote the use of LED lights, LED street lamp lighting technology at present in our country has been relatively mature, laid a good foundation for large-scale promotion of the LED street lamp, to relieve the strain on energy, reducing environmental pollution. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and source from http://www. jhzm88. com/ledlddyyx。 超文本标记语言
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