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Teach everyone to choose street lamp solar street light manufacturer

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
Solar street lamp manufacturers a lot, it has a lot of experience in the production process, the quality is about the future use of the solar street lamps, and how to choose and buy solar street light is also a science, involving a lot of knowledge, and the key is solar panels and glass panel.
solar panel

solar street lamp manufacturers remind you when the choose and buy solar panels, the preferred is the plank, should choose can generation of crystalline silicon solar panels, such as solar panels, conversion efficiency as high as 17% above, the best solar panel component adopts high quality panel glass and low iron ultra suede such high toughened glass material, is a shortcut to the modern new technology, in the use of light transmittance as high as 90% above.

solar panel glass the glass adopted low iron super white form, that is to say, the glass iron content is lower than routine use of common glass, thus increasing the use of light transmittance of the glass. Observation on the edge and from solar glass, the material of glass to much white than common glass, the use of common glass on the edge of the watch is light green. Suede is the design of the glass is to reduce the reflection of sunshine, and the glass surface by physical method, chemical processing, thus reducing the glass reflection of the sun, was formed on the surface of glass, villous, thus increased the incidence of sunlight dose. And in the form of toughened glass processing, and also increased the strength of glass, also withstand wind hail shocks, such as damage, will also play a role in the protection of the effect of solar cells. The effective use of time up to 25 years.
and subsequent storage battery, light pole, light source, solar street light controller, solar street lamp manufacturers think people, must pay attention to when choose but solar panels are the main parts, only chose a high quality solar panels can make solar energy lamp use time long, let people thing.
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