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TCL actively develops LED technology innovation in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-24
To realize the Chinese dream, we must gather Chinese strength. This is the strength of the great unity of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups. The Chinese Dream is the dream of the nation and the dream of every Chinese. As long as we are closely United and United, we strive for the realization of our common dreams. The power to realize our dreams is extremely strong. Each of us has a broad space for our efforts to realize our dreams. In the final analysis, the Chinese Dream is the dream of the people. It must be realized by relying on the people and must continue to benefit the people. Looking at LED lighting Jianghu: The government strongly supports, the capital is wildly sought after, the technology is maturing, the products are increasingly abundant, and the price is gradually decreasing. In 2014, the LED market is experiencing a big explosion. However, in the face of vague industry standards, serious overcapacity, mixed products, chaotic market competition, opportunities and challenges, how do manufacturers make decisions and how do businesses deal with them? Who can preempt and become a king? In this regard, international giants are impatient, traditional brands are confused, new enterprises are weak, and channel merchants should have a strong sense of social responsibility to stand up and lead the industry to set benchmarks, optimize the environment, and achieve breakthroughs, jointly practice the LED Chinese dream. It is understood that the benefits achieved by TCL Group in 2013, including household appliances, mobile phones, lighting and other businesses, the total annual business volume of TCL Group reached 853. 0. 2 billion yuan, net profit 28. 0. 9 billion yuan, taxes reached 5. 9 billion yuan, and the total investment of the research and development team exceeded 3. 5 billion yuan. Mobile phone performance surpassed Sony in 2013, ranking third, second only to Samsung and LG, and ranked fifth in the field of electro-optic panels. It is expected to achieve a breakthrough in 2015 and will rank third. For TCL, the tax amount is twice as much as the net profit, which also reflects the charm and courage of the Enterprise from the side and reflects that it is an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility. Today, TCL Lighting's breakthrough, LED New Product Launch conference and dealer conference, also indicates that he is playing the role of a guide, bringing the industry to practice the LED Chinese dream.
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