Talking about the components and functions of the LED solar street light system

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the rapid development of solar energy technology in the past few years, various solar-related products have been marketed one after another. I believe everyone is no stranger to LED solar street lights. LED solar street lights are widely used in the construction of new rural areas in my country, and now most rural areas across the country have been installed with them. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of the knowledge of LED solar street lights, today the manager of the solar street light manufacturer Hang and everyone briefly talked about the composition and function of the LED solar street light system.

The LED solar street light system is composed of six parts: street light poles, solar panels, solar batteries, LED street light lamp holders, solar street light controllers and embedded parts. Street light poles and embedded parts, I believe that everyone knows their functions. We will mainly talk about the other four components.
.Solar Panel
Solar panels use thin-film power generation technology to absorb sunlight to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect and store them in solar batteries. At present, the solar street lamp industry mostly uses polycrystalline B-grade silicon wafers.
.Solar battery
Here I mention that solar batteries are divided into colloidal batteries and lithium batteries. Generally, lithium batteries are mostly used in solar rural street lights. Their function is to store the electricity generated by the solar panels during the day, and to supply the LED light source through the solar street light controller at night to make it glow.
.LED street light lamp holder
The lamp holder of LED street light is composed of many LED lamp beads. The illuminance is strong and the luminous effect is good. Its function is to use the principle of LED light to provide street lamp lighting.
.Solar street light controller
The solar street light controller has the functions of voltage stabilization, boosting and control in the LED solar street light system. Generally, time control and light control are used to intelligently adjust the brightness time and light-off time.

The above are the functions of several major components in the LED solar street light system. If any of them is damaged, the system will not work properly. Therefore, we must regularly maintain and inspect each component of the LED solar street light system to ensure its normality. The state of lighting.

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