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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
To be honest, now the manufacturer of LED lights also have mushroomed as more and more, competition is more and more big, the market environment is not very good, how much is the LED lights? LED street light price is uneven, has high tall, let the customer will turn a run, too high a price shock. Of course, there are & other; At a loss sale & throughout; Also have zero profit slogan LED street lamp manufacturer, churning up the market chaos, but outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of purchaser, municipal procurement department's eyes, everyone know to shop around, price comparison several also normal. How to say, now raw material price of LED street lamp has become more and more transparent, the product has cost, LED street lamp development so many years, the price is more transparent. If your price is lower than the cost you also sell, is it & other Throughout the paper &; Paste? If the price is too high, isn't it too 'dirty'? So how can be a reasonable price? Lighting proposal, the purchase of raw materials, in accordance with the national standard, regional gap between up and down, but not by much, this is the best survey, secondly, LED street lamp raw materials processing including mechanical loss plus artificial cost and accessories, again, with electricity, phone, advertising, packaging, etc. ( Of LED street light price check http://www. jhzm88. com/Article/wdybcgledl_1。 html) , these costs to each street lamp is the cost price of the street lamp, and then add profits from this base is LED street light price at last. In fact, we blindly pursue when purchasing price, procurement may who is the project itself. Everybody knows shopping around, then watch manufacturer's background, such as the lighting has 15 years of LED street lamp production manufacturer is relatively trustworthy, after all, the development for so many years, there is still a recognition of their development was the market, has a rich heritage of the LED street lamp manufacturers is the value of its existence. Questions about the LED street light price is cliche, each have their own ideas, but please remember lighting words no matter how the market changes, the price depends on the value forever! A price points a points goods, the actual situation of LED street light price can lighting online online customers, obtain reliable LED street light price list, thank you for reading.
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