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Take you to understand the integrated solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13
Take you to understand the integrated solar street light

Today, General Street Lights will tell everyone about the relatively new integrated solar street lights.

There are reasons why integrated solar street lights are so popular: integrated solar street lights combine high-efficiency solar panels, 5-year long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs, intelligent controllers, and PIR human body sensing models. Group, anti-theft device bracket, etc. are concentrated in one solar street light, garden light, field light.

The integrated solar street light perfectly fulfills the requirements of low power consumption and high brightness (even every 5W power consumption can reach the illuminance of 100W power consumption of traditional lighting products), longevity free protection and excellent waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics. The advantages of the integrated solar street light are its simple installation and simple weight, which saves customers the cost of expensive installation and control, as well as product delivery costs.

Generally, without using heavy equipment and things, only two workers and a special wrench are required to complete the installation in 5-10 minutes. What are the advantages of the product, please see the following: integrated planning, full use of solar energy, compact, stylish, simple, extremely convenient installation, lampposts are adapted to local conditions, only 4 screws are required to fix the hoop and the product outdoors to be able to dry Sunlight walls, light poles, and tree trunks are fine.

Using new environmental protection component materials, aviation-grade aluminum anode sandblasting treatment, environmental protection and pollution-free; environmental protection lithium iron phosphate lithium battery, long life (average life is more than 5 years, the battery can be replaced), can be charged for 10 hours Continuous lighting for three days; high-power high-brightness LED, no light decay, no flicker, no radiation; use solar power, green power, low-carbon environmental protection, invent a green earth, start from me.
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