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Taiwan household goods brand survey in 2016: Philips lighting is favored

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-19
According to the Taiwan household products brand survey in 2016, Philips Lighting in Taiwan took 1st place in the ideal brand of lighting equipment purchased by consumers and 1st place in the designer's selection, becoming the highest in the industry with double good results, it has been recognized by all walks of life. According to the survey, the main considerations for consumers when purchasing lighting equipment, the top three are no flicker, stable light source, no glare, affecting vision (59), Flaunting power saving, and really saving electricity (51. 4)There are energy-saving SEALs and Green Energy seals (40. 6) Among them, more than 50% of the eyes are healthy and save energy. LED lighting brand Philips Lighting Invests 7 turnover every year as product research and development, with innovative research and development of light source technology, providing high-quality lighting to ensure the health and safety of consumers. In 2014, Philips Lighting obtained the first domestic CNS national safety and energy saving label certification, and passed the IEC62471 international safety certification through 81 tests according to the quality control of the company, the three technologies of low stroboscopic, no blue light hazard and mixed light are used to restore the real natural light color, which will not cause eye burden and provide consumers with a comfortable lighting environment that does not harm the human body and the Earth. The survey also pointed out that in addition to caring about safety and energy conservation, consumers also have expectations for product technical performance and high-tech new functions and functions. In line with the advent of the internet of things era, Peng Wei, marketing associate of Philips Lighting marketing department in Taiwan, said that Philips has actively invested in the smart lighting market in the past three years and launched hue2in the second half of this year. 0 personal network smart lighting products, providing more application options besides smart bulbs, not only subverting the traditional lighting definition through Internet technology, but also combining iOS and Android systems, through APP, it is no longer a dream to change the situational atmosphere, set timing light reminders, remote control, and even voice-activated light. It can not only integrate the application of light in smart home, it also gives lighting unlimited possibilities and enriches people's lives.
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