Sun yat-sen led garden light use analysis for different advantages

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
To designs city-lighting construction, street lamp consumes too much energy, is will increase spending on energy bills, environment pollution is also will be more and more serious, want to change this situation, it needs to choose energy-saving environmental protection lighting lamps, and sun yat-sen led courtyard lamp will comply with this requirement. Lighting engineering and related infrastructure, it is now visible to the relevant construction industry has officially started, plans to import LED lighting and OLED lighting in the project to attract international attention, sun yat-sen LED garden light use would bring the LED lighting of new business opportunities. Sun yat-sen led courtyard lamp lighting comprehensive toward popularization, sun yat-sen led courtyard lamp for led garden light price sensitivity low, compared with other areas to but a harsh to the requirement of quality. Zhongshan garden light efficiency reach 100 lm/W, highest can reach 250 lm/W, overall better than high pressure sodium lamp, lighting zhongshan led garden light irradiation to the required lighting area, further improve the efficiency of lighting, achieve energy saving, it can automatically adjust light, meet the requirements of lighting in the different periods, reduce the cost to reduce the power, to achieve energy saving purpose. Sun yat-sen led garden light color than the high-pressure sodium lamp, the same brightness illumination 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp, a light directivity, diffuse, guarantee the smooth effect, led light source, light failure is small, ten years later also can assure intensity of illumination requirement, long service life, sun yat-sen led garden light source is a low voltage dc devices, single voltage for safe voltage, suitable for public places can be combined with solar energy. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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