Summarizes the solar street light in use process is easy to appear what kind of situation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Any products in use process is more or less there will be some problems, no one can absolutely sure won't appear a little problem, so for solar street lamps used in the same way. We according to their own focus on outdoor lighting for many years, as well as customer feedback, we summarized the solar street light in use process is easy to appear what kind of situation. The first case of led solar street light flashing lights, brightness is not stable. Appear this phenomenon, first determines whether the lamp holder problem, change the lamp holder have a try, if change the lamp holder or flickers, can determine the lamp holder is not the problem, this time will check the line, line interface poor contact can also lead to this situation. The second solar road lights rainy day can only insist on a day or two. The causes of this phenomenon has the following two points, 1. Solar rechargeable lithium electricity storage control system, solar rechargeable lithium electricity storage control system dissatisfaction is the reason why solar battery charging, first look at how is the weather recently, every day charging 5 - whether can guarantee - 7 hours, if more recent rainy weather, charge up to 2 - only a day - 3 hours, the situation is normal, such as the weather can normal use. 2. Check the solar lithium electricity storage control system for ageing, lithium electricity system under normal working life is eight For 10 years. The third kind of solar street light stop working, not bright lights. Must first check the intelligent control system is normal, because usually appear such circumstance there is a big reason is on the intelligent control system, if the intelligent control system problems will timely repair replacement. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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