Subdivision of solar road lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the rapid development of solar road lights, traditional solar road lights have been slowly abandoned. As a new generation of clean energy, lead-acid batteries, which are particularly polluting, are gradually being replaced.

Solar street lights on the market now are mostly divided into conventional batteries, integrated lithium battery storage and control solar street lights and smart lithium battery solar street lights. Storage and control integrated solar street light refers to the integration of solar energy storage batteries, controllers, lamps and intelligent controllers. The intelligent lithium battery storage and control lamp integrated solar street lamp integrates the energy storage battery, the controller, the street lamp lamp and the intelligent controller. The energy storage lithium battery is installed in the position of the lamp pole close to the lamp, shortening the power supply distance, reducing the power loss of the line, and ensuring the effective supply of the LED lamp power. At the same time, the battery is located high on the light pole, making it not easy to be stolen.

The colloidal battery of conventional solar road lights has strong low temperature resistance, suitable for relatively severe cold areas, and has strong cold resistance. Its working energy efficiency is much better than that of liquid batteries below the downward shooting mode, and its heat preservation performance is excellent. If the temperature is very low in winter where you live, you can choose gel batteries. Lithium batteries are divided into ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The service life is as long as one year, which is more than twice the life of traditional lead-acid (gel) batteries. It also effectively solves the problem of low battery efficiency and insufficient power after traditional batteries are used. Lithium batteries are characterized by high efficiency, lightness and long life. The lithium battery energy storage solar system came into being, which changed the battery life of the traditional solar road lamp system. The battery weight can only be buried underground, which is light and practical.

Overall, the integrated solar street light has a simple and light design. It is powered by solar energy, which saves energy and protects the environment. It can be used in large quantities especially in southern regions. The continuous development of solar road lights is constantly kicking off the shortcomings, and its subdivision will become more and more perfect in the near future.

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