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[Street light manufacturers] What are the advantages of LED street lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

A few years ago, when LED technology had not yet emerged, most of the road lights used high-pressure sodium lamps, which can be seen in the streets and alleys of the city. However, with the advancement of technology and the maturity of LED technology, LED street lamps have gradually replaced high-pressure sodium lamps with many advantages. Up to now, the penetration rate of LED street lights has reached more than half of the total number of street lights. So what are the advantages of LED street lights? Next, the editor of the street lamp manufacturer will introduce its advantages.

.The light emitted by the LED street lamp with good material is more clear and beautiful. The optical components in the LED street light fixtures are designed very accurately, which can ensure that the light reaches the position where it belongs, so that less light is wasted.
.The maintenance cost and energy consumption of LED street lamps are very low. Since most of the street lamps are managed by public utility companies, the energy consumption can be reduced by nearly% compared to the original after the use of LED street lamps. The maintenance cost is relatively low. Saving is more critical. The lumen output of the high-pressure sodium lamp will decrease year by year, so the high-pressure sodium lamp must be replaced every five years or so. Too frequent replacement of the bulb will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. The life of LED street lamps is three to four times longer than that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, so it can save a lot of maintenance costs.
.The shape design of LED street light lamps can be richer and more decorative. Because of the heat dissipation problem, the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp has a single design, while the LED street lamp has better heat dissipation. Because of the different light-emitting principles, the heat emitted is less than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp of the same wattage. Therefore, street lamp manufacturers can produce many LED lamps with rich shapes. Come to decorate the street lights.

In the past few years, because LED street lamps are more expensive, most of them still use high-pressure sodium lamps. Nowadays, with the maturity of LED technology and the industrialization of LED chips and lamp beads, the price of LED street lamps is becoming more and more affordable, and the cost-effectiveness of LED street lamps is getting higher and higher. I believe that in the near future, its advantages will be fully utilized and comprehensive. Popularize road lighting.

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