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[Street light manufacturers] Technical requirements of LED street light components

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the energy shortage and the development of LED technology, the use of LED street lights has become a trend in road lighting. Many areas have replaced high-pressure sodium lamps with LED street lamp heads. The price of LED street lamps is indeed higher than that of traditional street lamps, but it has more advantages over traditional street lamps. There are also more technical requirements in the manufacturing process. Today, the technical staff of the street lamp manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the technical requirements of the various components of the LED street lamp.

1. Requirements for LED street lamps
() The LED is an aluminum die-casting lamp with its own heat dissipation type, which has good heat dissipation performance.
() The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, and the surface of the lamp body is sprayed. The surface should be able to withstand the corrosion of mechanical pressure, salt spray, automobile exhaust gas, and cleaning agent.
()Protection level of LED street lamp housing: above IP.
() Good bat-wing light distribution design, the reflective system adopts a three-dimensional light source or lens light guide design, and the lens must use a non-imaging secondary optical lens to ensure the brightness and uniformity of the road surface and increase the radiation range.
() The ambient temperature of LED street lights should be able to meet ℃~+℃, and should meet other special requirements such as local ambient temperature, humidity and corrosiveness.
() The power factor of the LED lamps is ≥., and the lamp driving power efficiency is ≥%.
() The working AC voltage range of LED street lamps: V~V (LED lamps can still work normally within this voltage range).
() The LED street lamp has surge suppression performance (anti-lightning strike), over-voltage protection at the input, and it can resume work when the voltage returns to normal.
() Lamps need to have the function of elevation angle adjustment to ensure that the road surface reaches the maximum area of u200bu200billumination.

2. LED light source technical requirements:
() The LED light source chip requires the use of internationally renowned brands (CREE, Osram, and Philips) and the use of packaging technology with low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation, and low stress.
() Using high luminous efficiency LED chips. The luminous efficiency of the LED chip is above Lm/w, no ghosting, and low luminous attenuation.
() The color temperature of LED light source is KK.

After reading the above technical requirements, everyone did not expect that seemingly simple LED street lights have so many technical requirements. In short, LED street lamps are produced by street lamp manufacturers in accordance with high standards and strict technical requirements, so it is worth our promotion and maintenance.

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