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Street lamp controller system promotes the development of urban smart street lighting

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13
At present, as electronic communication giants such as Huawei and ZTE continue to enter the field of smart lighting control, a smart city overall solution and series of control products battle starting with smart street light controllers is quietly igniting, and smart LED street lights have become smart city construction. The pioneers in China, whether it is the well-known big data, cloud computing, or advanced Internet of Things, smart street lights control how many smart city technology data passwords are carried. Statistics show that road lighting accounts for 30% of them. All cities now have more or less power shortages, and they are all facing a shortage of power. Therefore, when energy saving becomes a major issue related to the sustainable development of society such as power shortage, market competitiveness, environmental protection, etc., the construction and transformation of 'smart lighting' in smart cities has become an inevitable urban development.

   Municipal road lighting, as the largest part of the city’s power consumption, is a key project of smart energy-saving transformation in various cities. LED smart light poles and smart controllers are now used to build smart light networking, or directly replace solar street lights, etc. Energy saving is carried out on the transformation of light sources or lamps, and the intelligent lighting control system can complete the secondary energy saving after the transformation of lamps.

   It is understood that the single-lamp intelligent lighting street lamp controller and corresponding system developed by us not only does not increase the wiring, but also can realize the energy-saving monitoring of each lamp, and realize the energy-saving, control, operation, maintenance and Loop control, support illumination control, time control, latitude and longitude timing switch, holiday control, etc., light isolation scene setting and other setting modes. Automatically reduce the brightness of the lamps in the middle of the night. It is possible to control the lighting of the street lights every other; and support to switch the lights according to the local latitude and longitude according to the seasonal changes.
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