Stationary high lamp transformation method

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Currently in use in high lamp, mainly has the fixed high lamp and lamp holder can't lift lift high lamp of two types. Practice proved that the stationary light, there is a maintenance inconvenience, prone to accidents and other shortcomings. How to transform the stationary light, making it a lift, is a common problem faced by a fixed pole light. Aiming at this problem, this paper introduces a modification method for stationary high lamp. Stationary high lamp is the key problem of transforming: install the positioning lock claw mechanism to the stationary high lamp, the lamp holder is installed on the lock claw, light pole is installed on the lock. Due to the high lamp is one of the important equipment for terminal operation lighting, and to modify fixed outdoor light, take a long time, this will inevitably affect the terminal production. In order to solve this problem, we in the concrete modified stationary high lamp, can use & other; New & throughout; And & other GaiJiu & throughout; The method of combining modified stationary pole light in this way can better solve the contradiction between the transformation and production.
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