Standards for judging the wind resistance of solar road lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

In some areas where the wind speed is high and the wind volume is high. Street lamps and lanterns are damaged by high winds and street light poles are blown down by high winds from time to time. Therefore, when I purchase solar street lights, I will not only look at its beauty and functions, but also pay attention to the windproof ability of solar street light poles and solar lamps. Only in this way can people's travel safety be guaranteed. So how do we judge the windproof ability of solar road lights?

1. Solar Lights
Solar lamps are an important part of solar street lamps. The quality and opening method of solar lamps are very important. The material should be aluminum alloy. The thickness must meet the requirements, no cracks or holes in the lamp body are allowed, and there must be good contact points at the connection of each component. The buckle part is the most important thing. The past solar lamps are due to the unreasonable buckle design, which leads to strong wind every time. Afterwards, a large number of lamps are damaged. Therefore, it is better to install two spring buckles on the solar lamps. The upper part of the lamp should be opened directly, and important parts such as ballasts are fixed on the lamp body to prevent the lamp shade from being damaged. , The parts fall off and cause safety accidents.

2. Solar street light pole
The height of the solar street light pole must be selected according to the width of the road and the usage conditions. The wall thickness cannot be cut corners. The inside and outside are hot-dip galvanized, the thickness of the galvanized layer is more than μm, and the thickness of the flange is more than mm. In the past, due to the unqualified galvanizing of solar street light poles, the bottom of the light pole was seriously corroded, and the phenomenon of the light pole being blown off by the wind occurred from time to time. Therefore, the wall thickness of the street light pole, the thickness of galvanizing and whether to add welded reinforcing ribs are important signs of whether the street light pole is qualified or not, otherwise it cannot be used.

3. As the concealed project of the street light project, the solar road light foundation is also a very important part of the overall windproof and safe use of the street light. First, choose C concrete for pouring. The choice of anchor bolts depends on the height of the pole. For m poles, choose Φ bolts with a length of mm and foundation depth in mm; for m poles, choose Φ bolts with a length of mm. Foundation depth mm; m light poles should choose Φ bolts, the length is mm, and the foundation depth mm; the lower part of the foundation should be larger than the upper part, which is conducive to the stability of the foundation and enhances wind resistance.

Fourth, solar panels
The area of u200bu200bsolar panels should not exceed one square meter as far as possible. If the area is too large, it will not only increase the load of the solar street light pole, but also the force of the wind will be greater.

Before manufacturing street lights for customers, solar street light manufacturers must consider the customer’s local wind speed and formulate reasonable solar road light parameters based on the wind speed. In addition, the installation personnel must strictly follow the requirements to install, and must not be negligent. In short, the long-term safety of the product is the most important thing.

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