Standard light components in LED industry are imperative

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-01
As the third generation of revolutionary lighting source after incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, LED lighting has attracted much attention since its inception and has become a bright new star in the lighting industry. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting is becoming more and more prosperous, surpassing incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp and being promoted to the main ship of lighting industry. The great prospect of LED lighting has been widely recognized by the world, setting off a frenzy of developing LED lighting. However, looking at the LED lighting camp, China's LED lighting, LED by quantity, has been criticized for its quality and continues to stay in the third step of LED lighting and remains stagnant. The difficulty of survival and transformation has become a true portrayal of China's LED lighting enterprises in recent years, and a breakthrough battle for promotion is imminent. Industrial development depends on standards under internal and external difficulties. LED enterprises in our country are also in danger of development in our country. They have won shouting but failed to win the hearts and minds of the people. The penetration rate of lighting products is extremely poor. Since there is no standard system for LED lighting in China from power supply to finished products, and there is no requirement for mandatory testing and certification, the uneven development of the existing equipment and facilities, their working Foundation and technical level of each enterprise has resulted in a wide variety of LED lighting application products, different performances and poor interchangeability in the market. This also makes consumers lack confidence in LED lighting, a new type of lighting product. As the saying goes, industrial development standards go first. In view of the reality of internal and external difficulties in China's LED industry, Guangdong took the lead in proposing and implementing the LED lighting standard light component plan, a standardized and modular method based on light emitting components, based on realizing the universality and compatibility of LED lighting products, we are committed to solving the key technologies and common problems of LED. In addition, we will integrate the existing advanced technologies and patents in the middle and lower reaches of the LED industry, to form an alliance for the research and development and application of LED lighting standard light components to realize the standardization of property rights, so as to jointly resist the patent barrier negotiations and disputes of foreign competitors and strive for a greater international voice. Since then, the formulation of LED related standards and the establishment of standard system have entered a stage of rapid development. In 2012, Guangdong province set up a standard optical component project team, and the first batch of 21 LED Standard optical component series normative documents have been extended to the market. The standardization and standardization of LED lighting have provided the basis and convenience for lighting application. Lighting enterprises have placed high hopes on the standard of light components, but they often shout more than practice, there are only a few enterprises that really devote themselves to optical component products, which has something to do with the inertial thinking of domestic lighting enterprises. Everyone is still on the sidelines and has not taken any action. Jingke electronics, however, took advantage of the situation to be a crab eater and took the lead in investing in Guangdong province's standard optical component project team to develop optical component products. Song Dong, assistant to the president of Jingke electronics, is calm. Light components are the trend of the times. It is a matter of benefiting the country and benefiting others. It can not only bring LED energy conservation and environmental protection to a new level, it also enables manufacturers and users to achieve a win-win situation. Manufacturers can realize serialization and large-scale production of products. As parts can be used universally, this enhances compatibility and further reduces the cost of design, production and materials. Users can make alternative products with different compatibility for large-scale procurement, and the feature of strong maintenance convenience can also reduce procurement costs and risks. For the whole industry, the production of standard optical components can promote manufacturers to realize technical specialization and product specialization, help to establish an industrial chain, form a market segment, and promote the optimization of industrial resource allocation. In order to develop standard optical component products earlier, Jingke electronics has spared no effort to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in optical component project planning, top-level design and subsequent implementation plans, we have built a professional technical research and development team with high education and strong research and development ability, specializing in optical component products, and actively cooperating with Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, successfully developed LED light components with international core technology. Nowadays, the pace of research and development of optical component products by Jingke electronics is more and more firm, and the tentacles will be extended to the level one, level two, level three and other aspects of LED lighting standard light components, the 3014 of LM80SMD and the 3535 of high-power ceramic products without gold wire package developed by the company have also successfully passed the certification of Guangdong provincial Leya standard and have been formally applied to optical components. As a Guangdong LED standard light component (Level One is the package component) The lead unit of the project, Jingke electronics, has taken on the important task of promoting the development of standard optical components. This kind of responsibility and courage will also make Jingke electronics deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, become a monument in the construction of standard light components.
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