Stadium lights glowing heat dissipation performance good or bad will affect the stability and service life

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
For stadium lights use, heat dissipation and optical problems are equally important, the cooling performance is good or bad will directly affect the stadium lights glowing in the stability and service life. Therefore, under the condition of the same power, the course of the length of the service life of the lamp, mainly depends on the heat dissipation material lamps and lanterns use performance and the structure design of lamps and lanterns. Outdoor stadium lights usually use for a long time, some material can easily oxidized, rise in the temperature of the stadium lights lamps and lanterns, these materials again and again high temperature oxidation, the quality will drop, shorten service life. Lamps and lanterns for switch, at the same time multiple heat bilges cold shrink, cause the strength of the material damage, and is easy to cause the light failure problem. Stadium lights can now through a low-energy leds for thermal resistance aluminum composite thermal material and product structure design of innovative applications, on the stadium lights LED heat dissipation technology one step ahead of the same industry, to make their products in improving the LED lamps and lanterns of pitch in electrical energy conversion at the same time, the trouble of lamps and lanterns of heat dissipation from traditional field. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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