Specializing in the production of high-quality lamps KH515 High-efficiency energy-saving ceiling lam

Specializing in the production of high-quality lamps [KH515] High-efficiency energy-saving ceiling lamps [KH515]

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
Specializing in the production of high-quality lamps [KH] High-efficiency and energy-saving ceiling lights [KH] Years of brilliant quality, from the lighting factory die-casting plant to now, the sales of this anti-glare ceiling light has exceeded one million sets, what to choose for fixed lighting, of course [ KH] High-efficiency and energy-saving ceiling lamps, NFC are widely used in gas stations, railways, factories and mines, power stations, workshops and other indoor and outdoor places as working flood lighting. Various non-explosion-proof places are used for emergency lighting. (Please inquire:-) Structural features: 【KH】Using high-efficiency, long-life gas discharge lamp as the light source, and through advanced light distribution design and special processing, the light is soft and uniform, no glare, and the average service life is more than hours . 【KH】Using optimized structural design and high-strength aluminum alloy shell, it has the ability to resist strong vibration and impact. 【KH】High-tech surface spraying technology to ensure that the lamps will not corrode and rust when used in harsh environments. 【KH】Using an integrated structure design, it is more convenient and safer to replace bulbs and maintain lamps. [KH] Various installation methods such as light poles, ceilings and booms can meet the lighting needs of different environments. Technical parameters: Rated voltage VAC Hz Rated power//W Shell protection IP Insulation class I Anti-corrosion class WF Lead-in cable Φ~Φmm Pitch-to-height ratio. Overall dimension Φ×mm Total weight.Kg
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