Spansion brings single chip intelligent LED driver IC into lighting market

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-12
The series of products with high performance and remarkable economic benefits can reduce the development cost of intelligent lighting products and speed up their time to market. Spansion, an innovative manufacturer of embedded market Flash memory solutions in the industry (NYSE: CODE) Today, a new intelligent LED driver integrated circuit (IC)Solution. The S6AL211 product family integrates the necessary intelligent lighting components into a single chip to reduce product development costs and speed up its time to market. This series supports DALI, DMX, Bluetooth? Communication protocols in the industry such as intelligence. Spansion will be at the Munich Electronics Show (Electronica)On the booth 552 of Hall 4 (A4. 552)Introduce the new product line. This series uses a 4-channel Buck DC/DCLED driver IC, which can be used at 0. Adjust brightness in the range of 1 to 100. The S6AL211 integrates all peripheral components required to configure the LED driver circuit, including the front driver, sensor amplifier and LDO. Compared with the competitor's solution, the integrated solution can transfer the printed circuit board (PCB) The size is reduced by 25, thus reducing the material cost and cost competitiveness. TomSparkman, vice president of Spansion simulation division, said: the LED market is developing by leaps and bounds and will soon surpass the traditional lighting market; LED is suitable for indoor lighting of office buildings, hospitals, shops and museums, and can also be extended to the field of outdoor lighting. Our new IC has the advantages of intelligence, power saving and easy design. Therefore, no matter whether customers adopt wired or wireless control methods, they can quickly design various solutions to adjust brightness and color. Features S6AL211A31 (Compatible with DALI protocol)? Output: 72W (18Wx4 Channel) , Support 5 Series LED bulbs, 1A? Dimming range: 100-0. 1 (1: current control, 1: PWM control)? 254 step adjustment? Monochrome? Communication protocols: DALI, IEC62386- 101/102/207 S6AL211A94 (Compatible with Bluetooth? Intelligent module)? Output: 72W (18Wx4 Channel) , Support 5 Series LED bulbs, 1A? Dimming range: 100-0. 1 (1: current control, 1: PWM control)? 256 step adjustment? Four colors? Linear and logarithmic dimming curves? Communication Protocol: Universal Asynchronous transceiver (UART), Sensor interface (Movement, brightness) Spansion has Evaluation boards and GUI-led tools that customers can use to detect DALI panel status. Supply and pricing, the first product of this series S6AL211A31 supports DALI agreement, currently available for samples, the price is 5. $80 per tablet, mass production will begin in December this year. The second product S6AL211A94 supports Bluetooth Smart Modules and will provide samples from December this year.
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