Solar yard lamp lighting effect and installation spacing

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
As outdoor lighting lamps, solar garden light usually 5 meters high, because its modelling diversity, aesthetics, characteristics of lighting environment beautification and decoration, so solar garden lamp used for landscape lighting. The light of the standard in lighting, solar garden light can reach more than 2300 lm, color temperature of 2700 k, high light 3. Basic can reach 5 m, color rendering index Ra = 80, have good lighting effect. In the street lamp installation, if using a mask courtyard lamp, the spacing of control in 16 meters, if the diffuse without mask courtyard lamp, installation spacing should be controlled in 18 ~ 20 meters. As the main roads or landscape lighting light source, led solar garden light in system control should be used to jump between mode of two way and control, so that the solar led garden light can save energy, in the process of application of street lamp system configuration cost reduction. In order to achieve the good landscape lighting, ensure the service life, in the process of installation of solar garden light should reach IP65 protection grade standard of industry, wind resistance design & ge; 150Km/h。
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