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solar vs low voltage | which will you use?

by:ALLTOP      2019-11-20
Have you ever thought about adding some lighting to your landscape?
If you do, you may know that there are two types of lighting that are popular today.
One is solar lighting, and the other is low-voltage lighting.
They are very different in many ways, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
If you are looking for key lighting for your garden, deck, patio or sidewalk, solar landscape lighting is a good idea and you will get plenty of sunshine to keep charging throughout the year.
Solar lights don\'t have as many lights as low-voltage lamps, so they are best suited to emphasize lighting.
They come in a variety of colors and styles, so it shouldn\'t be too hard to find the perfect color and style that suits your needs.
If you need more light than a solar fixture, you may need to look at the low voltage lighting.
They can be brighter because they don\'t need to save battery power.
Remember, however, that there is a trade --
Extra brightness-power off.
Low-pressure lights use electricity, so you will see a change in your energy bill.
Some models will actually have a big impact on your bill.
Installation of low voltage fixtures is also much more difficult.
Unlike solar lights that only require the sun, they need to be connected to the power supply to work properly.
Typically, solar lighting equipment can be taken out of the package and placed where you need it by means of piles or other similar methods.
It is easy to install even with separate panels.
Low pressure settings usually include digging trenches and running pipes for wires.
Nevertheless, solar power generation equipment requires the sun to charge the battery.
If you live in an area that doesn\'t have enough sunlight to charge the lamp battery, you probably won\'t have a great experience with them.
If your home is in a sunny area, but you need to place them in the shade, the best option is a fixture with a remote control panel.
In this way, you can place the light fixture where the light is needed, and the panel where the direct sunlight is.
In terms of price, solar lights have dropped a lot in the past few years, so their prices are quite competitive with low-voltage lighting.
The real difference is operating costs and maintenance costs.
There is no competition here.
Solar won here.
Not only will they not have an impact on your energy bill, but most LEDs are designed to exceed the light fixture itself.
Replacing dead bulbs with low-voltage fixtures can be common.
The other side of this argument is that LEDs on most solar lights cannot be replaced.
This means that if the bulb does burn out (
It does happen from time to time)
You basically need to throw away the whole fixture.
Hopefully this article will help you decide if you want to use solar or low voltage in landscape lighting projects.
No matter which way you go, I wish you good luck in your project.
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