Solar street light, whether in what ways advantages are very obvious

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Power wattage than before very big the traditional sodium lamp, or magnesium lamp, solar street lamps may only half its energy consumption, but far more than the old street lamp equipment service life, on average than old-fashioned street lamps use 2 times or so in the long run, it is for the urban construction greatly reduced the cost. Solar street light is one of the biggest advantages in our modern society advocate environmental protection concept, the light is essentially no radiation, belongs to our acceptance of green lighting, not only is very reliable and durable, the most important thing is to maintain cost is much lower than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp. Whether it is in what ways, the advantages of LED solar street light are very obvious, not only affordable solar street lamps, and also more long service life, the most important thing is that the light intensity is much higher than traditional street lamp. The traditional high pressure sodium lamp color temperature between 2000 k to 2500 k, and can make more than 3000 k light, solar street lamps that is not only the brightness is higher than that of traditional street light, and light will be more stable, solar street lamp light failure is very small, light failure is less than 3% a year, while the traditional high pressure sodium lamp droop has reached more than 30% a year, so the advantages of solar street lamps became very obvious. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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