Solar street light the cause of the problem and configuration of selective attention

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Solar street lamps are prone to failure of many reasons, the user covet is cheap procurement to is a inferior to install solar street lamps, many of them are material don't pass, quality is low. Followed by the poor quality of construction, in the process of the use of solar street lamps, because the proportion of construction quality caused by the fault is also bigger. Design is not reasonable, however, on the one hand is due to the overload operation, on the other hand, joint production does not conform to the requirements, it is also can cause failure. So we in the purchase of led solar street light, always select the main solar led street light fittings. Such as solar panels is an important part of the solar street light throughout the run, so in choosing a solar panel material, it is important to note that the panel back material, such as silicon, some to test light, weak light, etc. With a special battery solar street lamps, don't too high in choosing a battery discharge depth, must have certain cycles, so as to ensure the service life of the solar street lamps in more than five years. Also USES the special-purpose control system, the integrated waterproof control driver, the quality is very stable. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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