Solar street light system maintenance methods

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Solar street light is made up of panels, lithium battery, controller and photovoltaic components, so the component quality directly affects the quality of the solar street light. To make the solar street light quality assured, the premise is to purchasing to the product of manufacturer of security, but later solar street light system maintenance is also very important. What are the specific system maintenance methods? 1, have strong breeze, rainstorm, hail, snow and other conditions, measures should be adopted to maintain the solar cell phalanx, to avoid damage. 2, the daylighting of the solar cell phalanx to maintain clean surface, such as dust or other dirt, should be washed with water, then use clean cloth to dry 3 water quietly, do not use hard object or corrosive solvent wash and scrub. General situation, don't need to make clean solar energy battery components processing, but to expose outer wiring junction to conduct regular check and maintenance. 4, about batteries to match the led solar street light, should strict according to the use of the storage battery maintenance way to use. 5, and regularly check grounding resistance of outdoor solar street light. 6. Lithium ion battery must maintain lines, avoid discharge battery being over-charged. Only on a regular basis for solar street lamps system maintenance, reduce the quality of solar module damage rate, so as to ensure the quality of the solar street lighting, reduce maintenance costs. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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