Solar street light's price is very mess

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Said a lot of manufacturers are now solar lighting industry is hard to survival and development, mainly because of the market, solar street light price is very confusion. To new rural normal product so-called 6 m pole + 30 w's standard configuration, for example some price 1000 yuan/set, and some offer RMB 2000 / sets. Price of solar street lamps and other products, brand value-added basic negligible factor here, there is no high recognition in the industry of the whole lamp brand, so no brand added value. Driven, usury and light is the essence of solar street light industries, in an enterprise, this idea has already been through, the three links of the middle and lower reaches, through the layers, formed a complete chain of interest, and grab a loophole in the external market, lead to market chaos. The fierce competition in the market, no one will push the business go toward outside, also nobody do do lose money buying and selling of philanthropists. Solar street lamps quotation no standards, no bottom line, cutting corners is the root cause of price mess. Solar street light price is not on the market without a good product, but many enterprises have their own standards, each link usury of lightweight, chaos, hurt yourself. Hope some people stick to the path, some companies stick to the bottom line. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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