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Solar street light project design overview

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
We already know the complementary advantages of solar street lamps, electric, that we are going to study in the use mains complementary and key technology of solar street lamps, it is no longer a solar panels, conversion and accumulation of baotou battery, solar street lamps that now

we already know the commercial power complementary advantage of solar street lamps. When we want to study the utility complementary in the use of the key technologies in solar street lamps, is no longer a solar panels conversion rate and baotou battery solar street lamps. To solve the problem of the most important now is under what conditions should be converted and the use of commercial power. In the solar photovoltaic power generation and the utility complementary lighting system, when solar energy is not enough to drive the light source, is the best opportunity to mains completely open at this time. That is to say, it won't waste of energy, and it can be in the case of solar power supply can't support to the commercial power supply, so as to stop lighting. This is not to say that the commercial power complementary lighting can switch at any time, so too frequently switch is easy to damage to the service life of the solar street light commercial power supply. The utility model judgment enough energy to drive the light source of solar cell, then check that the battery voltage is the simplest and most effective method. Because light power is constant, and the battery discharge current is constant, so the solar photovoltaic system, especially the amount of stored energy, can be reflected in the terminal voltage of battery. For lead-acid battery, 12 v system generally choose when battery voltage drop to 11 v, the black, street lamp converts from solar photovoltaic power grid. If it is a 24 v system, when the battery voltage drop to 22 v, will be transformed into the commercial power supply.
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