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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
The development of solar street lamps, is to meet the needs of the development of society, accord with the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, its brings the social benefit is unmatched by ordinary products, solar lamps and lanterns of life is much better than the ordinary power the life of the lamps and lanterns, such as solar lamps and lanterns - the main components - The service life of the solar cell components more than 20 years; LED life 80000 hours; Solar energy special lead-acid battery life for five years. And ordinary street lamp construction although solved part of people's employment and supporting the development of enterprises, resulting in wasted a lot of resources the waste of human resources, power resources waste, metal waste of resources, environmental pollution, and thus affect the air, water pollution, the human life and survival space and so on high-efficiency monocrystalline solar street lamps ( Polycrystalline) Silicon solar batteries, sealed and maintenance-free battery electrical energy storage, high low pressure solar energy-saving lamps lighting for special purpose, and USES the advanced charge and discharge control circuit, with reliable performance, high luminous efficiency, convenient installation, etc. Need not laying cable wire, no line control, save electric energy and electricity, low voltage dc power supply, light control, safe and reliable, energy saving, economy, environmental protection, practical, and long life. According to configuration, model and light conditions, the use of time, full of electricity solar street lamps 3 & ndash; 7 days. Solar street lamp belongs to today's society strongly advocate the use of green energy products. Mainly used in urban road, village road, industrial park, green belts, square, pedestrian street, fitness leisure square and other places of lighting and lighting decoration. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and source from http://www. jhzm88. com/tynldsptld。 超文本标记语言
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