Solar street light price and have no fixed price list

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Solar street light prices have always been a consumer must first concern, with an a lot of customers ask, & other; How much is the solar street lamps throughout the &; ,“ What is the price of solar street lamps & throughout; And so on. Although we know that customer is very urgently want to know the solar street light price, but we don't know the customer's requirements, it is hard to quote customer immediately. Because the solar street light is belong to the non-standard products, there is no industry prices, the country also does not have a factory has a fixed solar street light price list. To know how much solar street lamps, first is the style of the selected, but even if the selected some styles, we can't determine the price of it, because the height different prices is different also, steel rod thickness different price is different also, the thickness of the steel bar price is different also, light pole material different price is different also, the light bulb appliances brand different price is different also, the light bulb electric power price is different also, raw material prices vary in a certain time period the market price. Solar street lights price will be involved in the size of the light source, power panels, battery capacity, brand, etc. , only after the customer determine the style and parameters, we can calculate the cost and quote the good faith. If the customer don't know the parameter setting itself, at least let us know the height of the product and the requirements of local was simple, the lighting effect and brightness requirements, by manufacturer to set parameters. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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