Solar street light is in xinjiang city as the main body of the dynamic | | industry: rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
Solar street light is a city in xinjiang as the main body of the lighting, the full extent, aesthetic level, the degree of civilization to a certain extent reflects the taste of a city. City as a place of culture symbol, it is very important to its development and construction, the road construction is also one of the important tasks of urban development. Solar road lights in xinjiang construction more beautiful, more beautiful, is likely to further improve the image of the city and improve visibility. In addition, the construction of a conservation-minded city, also is we need to save energy and environmental protection in all directions the streets of the city planning, construction and good management. Sunshine time in xinjiang is located in the solar radiation in second class, every day is 4. 5 hours, can produce radiation heat is equivalent to 200 - 225 kg of coal combustion problem, belongs to the amount of solar energy resource-rich region, and good conditions for use of solar energy. If gradually promotion and the application of solar energy lamp in xinjiang, this will help to save energy, alleviate tensions in energy, improve energy structure. If estimated that a city has about 32000 light, 30 million watts per hour, more than 150000 annual electricity consumption. If use solar street lights in xinjiang, a year can save a lot of energy and electricity costs. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can make free calls
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