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Solar street light energy-saving performance how to play

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
Now in the field of photovoltaic, solar street light as a stand-alone photovoltaic power systems play an important role, photovoltaic power generation, for the battery discharge in the evening for street lamp power supply, solar street light is composed of load and photovoltaic cell controller, which battery are most vulnerable to damage and consumption, the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy street light depends on the quality of the battery, in order to better protect the battery and the maximum extend battery life.
the charge and discharge of solar street lamps controller was designed by the MCU, under the action of the drive during the day, the photovoltaic battery automatic adjustment, according to the sampling value of the battery voltage charging mode and discharge, and control on and off the charging circuit, in order to prevent overload, battery at night under the action of the controller for the lamp power supply, and controls the discharge path on and off, in order to avoid excessive discharge, this paper briefly introduces the main characteristics of street lamp controller.
in the domestic and foreign research situation, as well as the advantages and the advantages and disadvantages of the existing controller on the market for understanding, the function of the energy storage link, solar street light system are introduced and the basic requirement of the energy storage system, studies the working principle and lead-acid battery charging and discharging characteristics, this paper introduces the influence the service life of the lead-acid battery in a public lighting system factors, load and discharge of lead-acid battery control method has carried on the detailed analysis and research, the charge and discharge of solar street lamps controller was designed according to the characteristics of the battery charge and discharge.
provides the system hardware design, hardware circuit design of each module are discussed in detail, including power circuit voltage sampling circuit and display circuit, the corresponding software program written in C, provide the program flow chart, and pass specific C program code to key module of the controller, manufacturing printed circuit boards, welding components and the system overall test, after testing, the system is running good, achieves the expected effect, summarizes the system's overall design and puts forward Suggestions for improvement in the future.
protection circuit, solar panels are not battery, when the voltage across the battery discharge is close to the minimum threshold, receiving power protection circuit to prevent the battery, which protect battery and prolong its service life, when the rain or the battery is in a state of overload, battery power supply and switch to the standby power supply.
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