Solar street lamps use will increase maintenance dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Developed solar street lamps, it brought our life colorful night lighting, also is loved by consumers, prospects of the development of solar street light is very good, so to speak. Solar street lamps use is actually have a very good advantage, is its use of solar energy resources, so it's service life is long, but want to know if in normal use, didn't pay attention to its daily maintenance, even if its performance is again good, also yield to the damage of components, so in the daily work of solar street lamps in the increase of its maintenance. As a primary key components of solar panels, it is directly absorbed solar radiation to convert solar energy light, solar outdoor lights for used outdoors for a long time, there will be many solar panel surface dust, although every day is not to need to wipe away the dust, because sometimes encounter rainy day can be washed, but also needs regular cleaning, after all, some more accumulation of dust and water is affect the conversion rate of solar panels. And when install batteries, want to choose a good battery box. To prevent the rain, rain infiltration in the battery. In addition, solar LED street lamp controller also should pay attention to this problem, if the solar street lamps controller inadvertent leakage is agreed to cause unable to work, appear this kind of circumstance, even during the warranty period, most of the controller factory won't give customers free replacement.
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