Solar street lamps use is imperative

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
With the rapid development of our country industry, industrial lighting level increased year by year, lighting electricity consumption is rising year by year. But power is increasingly prominent contradiction between supply and demand, the lack of energy has severely restricts the development of all walks of life, including industrial, energy problem has become a long-term strategic policy in our country, in the lighting use, can use solar street lamps to alleviate the problem of energy consumption. According to statistics, in lighting electricity consumption in China accounts for about 12% of the total generating capacity, and with efficient lighting is given priority to, has a great potential for energy saving. In our light source, energy saving account for only a small share of the solar street lamps, should vigorously develop energy-saving lamps and lanterns, put an end to waste energy in the lighting. Rising energy consumption after years, light level also rises year by year, the increasing needs of power load and power, if not lighting energy saving measures, is bound to cause a considerable size of the hole, therefore, LED solar street lamps use is imperative. Lighting electrical products developing rapidly, and many new products are launched solar street lamps, the street lamps have the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, can be used for 100000 hours, 100 times longer than ordinary light. In addition to the durable, the solar street light also has great potential in energy saving. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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