Solar street lamps system configuration choice also is very careful

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Street lamp is different from the early street light products, now the street lamp product is the basic energy conservation and environmental protection type products, but also a better life and use effect, solar street light is like that. But for the use of solar energy street light is different from ordinary street lamp use, solar street lamps system configuration choice also is very careful. But specifications of lighting of led solar street light is sure should be carried out according to their own needs. Some lighting lamp, just some lighting requires high power light source, in short, everyone's different needs, lighting product configuration is different also, resulting in different solar street light prices. Many practical applications, the solar street lamps in many parts of the solar street light can't meet the needs of the normal lighting, especially in the rainy day is more outstanding, in addition to use the poor quality of the related components, is another major reason why blindly reduce component costs, no configuration is designed according to the demand, reduce the use standard panels and batteries, so unable to provide lighting at rainy day light, therefore, solar street lamps system choice is very important. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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