Solar street lamps prolong the service life of the solution

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
To solve the problem of short service life of the solar street light, need better intelligent control technology, more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency. Intelligent control technology to improve power efficiency, both to protect the storage battery. Solar street lamps mainly lies in the short service life of the protection of storage battery and the improper use, or control the depth of the storage battery charging and discharging. Second is to improve the lighting efficiency, the first way is to use a more efficient luminescence materials, but at present the space of LED solar street light efficiency is very small. You will need to rational utilization of energy by controlling equipment. So the link, the controller is the key. Its controller USES digital control technology, the same configuration controller can power saving 80%, and the rational utilization of energy, effectively protect the storage battery. Its product life also significantly increase, generally they have regular solar street light lamp lengthen 3 - Five times the service life. Future with the development of the integration of city, more intelligent technology will merge and solar street light. Solar street light is a very good carrier intelligent device. Technology development makes the lamp to be able to realize remote control and self-checking function, can also be effective to join traffic, security, cultural entertainment equipment, integrated into the Internet of things technology, make the solar street light more efficient service for the society. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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