Solar street lamps popular demand increasingly replaced by the personalized demand

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Have to admit that the widespread use of solar energy street light has brought great convenience to people's life. But, in the moment of the solar industry is also facing such a predicament, the geographical environment, architectural style and individual be fond of of different, different consumers because their situation is different, also have different requirements for solar street lamps, solar industry popular demand increasingly replaced by the personalized demand. Face the personalized needs of consumers, more and more manufacturer of solar street lights all exclamation now consumers are becoming more and more difficult, in fact, the reason will appear between the seller and the buyer of the contradiction between supply and demand, generally speaking, there are two reasons why it is now in the age of the buyer, in the hands of the consumers to buy the initiative, and personalized needs of consumers is increasing; 2 it is the seller's competition is intense, but offers a similar product, homogeneity phenomenon is very serious. Confronted by the homogeneity of solar street lamps on the market, consumers in the choice of LED solar street lamps often lead to serious confusion, in the face of confusion, consumers have only two choices one is to choose the industry well-known brands; Like the second option is a personalized product design novel, the function of sterilization, the integration of the operation, and so on, these products of personality characteristics tend to emerge from the homogeneity of the forest. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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