Solar street lamps of choose and buy when the customer issue to consider

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

the customer issue to consider when solar street lamps of choose and buy, how to supply solar street light users with high quality and reliable products, satisfied with both the function of lighting needs, and improve the image of the user's environment. So when the choose and buy solar street lamps customers and manufacturers need to consider the following questions.

one is solar energy street lamp light failure problem, necessary demand to woo light failure detection, this is a very important link. For the led chip light failure is one of the important parameters affect solar street lamp light, also affect the price of solar street lamps one of the important factors. So as a chip manufacturer must give customer supply to meet the requirements. Customers also don't forget the request. If a street light in the laboratory have not close, also can ensure the quality of the use of lighting?

the other is structure of solar street lamps, this also is in the street lamp to use one of the main cause of large droop, distinguished structure should not only can ensure the abundant heat, also can prevent the accumulation of dust and excellent waterproof and dustproof function. Especially domestic lamps must consider the large haze weather right light failure. On the planning of lamps and lanterns down as far as possible fully to ensure adequate cooling area, try to use the rain washed clean when it rains.

followed by the solar street light system equipment, rainy days, selection of controller and power of equipment are the important factors influencing the price of led solar street light system, solar panels and the quality of the battery can cause huge impact to use and cost, so as far as possible when the choose and buy equipment to choose the brand manufacturers products.

China's rapid expansion of urbanization and new rural construction throughout, as the solar street lamp manufacturers supply a huge business opportunities. Solar street lamp manufacturers do solar street light products for many years, good after-sales service reputation has cloth over the country, thoughtful and considerate service, is a preferred brand of domestic too to street lamp, to buy solar street light, is to buy rest assured.
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