Solar street lamps need requirements are different

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

need requirement is different solar street lamps, solar street light is different from traditional street lamp lighting requirements, the traditional road lights out the lamp is automatically by our management, destroy the light time is already set up good, so it is easy to cause the waste of energy. And solar street light is according to the outdoor weather factors out light, bright light, dark night is no lamp, energy saving energy, and reduce the manpower expenses.

because of the width of the road between the width of the influencing solar lighting lamps, to completely lighting thus of the brightness of the light pole height and solar street lamps light source has certain requirements, and it is necessary to maintain the required solar lighting system on a regular basis, in order to maintain the cleanness of solar panels, especially in dusty weather, to improve the life of the solar street light.

and choose what kind of solar street light configuration also is not to say that see cheaper solar street lamps, but according to the actual installation site to choose the right system. It is good, for example, to know how many letters are there in the rainy season rainy days in a row, electrical energy is stored in the solar battery is every day, there will be part of the energy used to power for lighting at night so we must first make the lights on or a rainy day, less sunshine for the lighting effects.
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