Solar street lamps manufacturer by cutting prices to open market should not be the ultimate goal

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
A lot of solar street lamp manufacturers hope that by cutting prices to open market and improve their brand awareness. But with low price for the market, should be a means of market competition, rather than the ultimate goal, with long vitality of the brand is never formed by low price competition. From a long-term perspective, the market is important, but low-cost solar street lamp inferior products tend to affect the product reputation and long-term development, brand war is the direction of the development of solar lighting lamps. Only have brand and quality assurance of products, can play to the advantages of the solar high photosynthetic efficiency and long life, real high-quality lighting products to the market. Solar street lamps factory blindly attract project to lower the price of solar street light, easy to falling in price, rather than return to the product, carefully developed their products to adapt to the market, good products have no market. Solar street lamp manufacturers should not only by improving the production technology, improve production efficiency to reduce cost profit, should increase the technology content, improve product value, the product competition from price to shift the battlefield, only change the solar street light price war for the battle of the brands, to occupy a position in the fierce competition, make the product in the domestic and international market. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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