Solar street lamps in the rainy day can still use dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
As the solar street lamps lighting a new energy, development prospect is very obvious, especially in the world is more and more serious environmental pollution and energy use under difficult problems, such as, for the solar street lamps energy-saving environmental protection lighting lamps, people is the best choice, but also have a question, people are more concerned about, if continue to use the solar street lamps in the rainy day. The use of solar street lights are able to get people's love and support, because the solar street lights can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and these advantages are derived from solar energy lamp is relying on solar energy as energy to convert electricity use, we at the time of installing solar street lamp, also pay special attention to is to install in the place where the sun can shine, but also can not have any obstructions to affect it absorb sunlight. But even on a rainy day will not affect the use of solar energy street light. As one of the main solar road lights work part is the use of solar battery, mainly rely on it to save energy needs, while waiting for the need to energy into electricity use, manufacturers design general configuration can make the capacity of the battery energy storage 3 - Five of the rainy day, if use place if rainy days longer, you can add a solar battery capacity.
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