Solar street lamps factory through competition upgrade to solve the problem

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
As Internet information channel flat, solar street lamp manufacturers for the future have their own judgment, if still under semiconductor prices declining trend with the traditional model of inventory chain competition, will be for the enterprise management and distributors and so on level bring huge risk. Therefore, solar street lamp manufacturers to keep learning to explore in the competition, competition by escalating competition to solve problems, to think in a higher level competition and competition structure, to overturn the existing competitive landscape. For solar street lamps manufacturers and dealers product line is too single, it is difficult to support dealer solution for the customer satisfaction, it is not easy to every response capacity to keep up with product line of inventory, ordering cycle is too long the customer experience is bad, loss is higher but too much stock in the case of solar street light downward price will produce a great indebtedness. Rely on traditional Maori survive competition factors, there is no other profit will face competitive eliminated, the original simple two-dimensional competition, nothing else except the price competition, is now facing a multidimensional competitive circumstances, the survival of the environment will continue to deteriorate. Solar street lamps manufacturer of lighting industry, as the market gradually mature, there have been some platform company break now profitable way, it does not depend on from the manufacturer to the client to make the product difference between, through the price difference after screeding form a geek, and other profitable way. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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