Solar street lamps factory cannot pursue benefit maximization, opportunistic

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
No matter what the industry, in the face of interests and conscience, moral, only seek interests, even in the industry of solar street light is the same. Some bad solar street lamps manufacturer in order to pursue benefit maximization, opportunistic, and some even reached the point at all. Using inferior materials storage control system, combined with the technology is not standard, leading to an explosion of numerous solar street lamps; Some even bait-and-switch, directly in the batteries fitted with sand and gravel as batteries, typed on the glass act as the phenomenon such as photovoltaic panels sales also happen from time to tome. These phenomena only because some solar street lamp manufacturers eyes there is only one word. These bad doesn't take into account not only the practice of solar energy street lamp manufacturers to customer demand, has been threatening the safety of the people, has also led to the industry as a whole. But such solar street lamps factory is not development, for a long time also will pay for the behaviour of a lack of moral and conscience. As enterprises, in order to development needs, is the pursuit of profit, but if it is with mei wear conscience to earn profits, so is to dig their own graves. Lighting, solar street lamp power factory, a new generation of Chinese as a responsible public company, companies adhering to the & other; Achievement enterprise quality, honesty molded the future & throughout; Core values to the whereabouts of the interests of the consumers for their own development, to set up the industry brand model, boost the sustainable development of China's solar lighting! Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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