Solar street lamps development direction is to meet the needs of the consumers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
How to make the brand and the personalized demand better combination, meet the needs of consumers, this is the future of solar street lamps and related industry need to one direction, only grasp the demand of consumers, to greater expansion of the market, and the road of quality, technical, and can make solar energy companies are much further, both be short of one cannot. But a lot of solar street lamp manufacturers lack of investment in the technical innovation and marketing, so the product basically is given priority to with imitation, look from the appearance, not big difference between different brands, the difference only lies in the capacity, the number of tubes, the appearance, and price, etc. LED solar street light in terms of performance, no significant difference, while the innovation of the small business is nothing but water tank, bracket, etc, also slight improvements, far have not reached the level of technology innovation, so solar products overall homogeneity phenomenon is very serious. Although the solar industry appear every year a lot of new brands, new products, but really can realize differentiated products are few and far between. Future as non-renewable resources drying up, solar photovoltaic industry in solar street lights, solar lights, solar garden lights will be vigorously promote the use of people, in 10 - 15 years solar lamp will routinization and popularisation, household names, used by everyone! Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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