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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Solar street light product design is to have cultured, although as outdoor lamps and lanterns, solar street lamps style with delicate degree is less than indoor lights, but a good design for using solar street lamps, or landscape effect is helpful. The design mainly includes two parts of the first solar street lamps, appearance design of three parts, solar street lamps, first is the difference between the main style of lamps and lanterns, lamp head. Street lamp head design is diverse, material, color, proportion, structure there is a difference between, there will be according to the lamps and lanterns is use lamp beads, or integrated light source for design. Because the integrated light source, lens is separate, but if is the lamp bead is a high light transmittance of flat tempered glass, therefore is also there. Material selection is mainly aluminum, because the material is lighter, and the effect of heat dispelling better. The size of the lamps and lanterns is distinct, some lamps and lanterns is look more a few bigger, some are small. Followed by the arm, arm is the part of connection with light pole lamps and lanterns, the collocation of arm mainly follow the styles of lamps and lanterns, some light pole is very simple and practical, is to landscape effect, can do a little more complicated and distinctive, but the core is stable. Light pole in the end, the design of light pole, come and go around 10, concrete is also eradicate lamps and lanterns with arms to configure. Appearance of configuration, is the first standard and practical security, followed by coordination and beautiful, the last is characteristic. The second, system configuration, solar street light system configuration is reasonable design, mainly according to the design using a combination of requirements in terms of configuration. Light source size, solar panel power, storage battery, three main rationality of configuration design, to maximize the rational utilization of resources is the most important.
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