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Solar street lamps

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
Perhaps we all know, the influencing factors of LED street light price with specifications, build quality, brand, the and so on, but we are not clear, however, the influence factors of LED street light price main show is in what place? LED chip is LED street light quotation,

maybe we know what factors affect the price of LED lights, including specifications, technology, brand, appearance, etc. However, we do not know the impact of these factors on the LED street light price mainly reflected in where. The LED chip is one of the factors influencing the LED street light quotation. First-class legion is Cree, OSL and Japan and Europe and the United States of Asia. Other companies, such as the prius, Toyota synthesis and Seoul semiconductor, also is pretty good. Taiwan wafer and the new century in the middle, and low chip prices at home. Of course, the brand is also one of the reasons affect the price of LED street light. A strong brand manufacturers price is relatively high. There is also the question of LED street light price influence factors driving. Drive circuit is constant voltage or constant current, if use constant current, using the kind of constant current circuit? Stability and reliability, etc. Because of some low-end led lamp is driven by low-cost light-emitting diode, so during the test, they flicker in months or even a few days. This is because the driving power supply due to poor quality. Of course, the inferior solar street lamps to a standard led lamp price is relatively low. For more information or product price, please call the service hotline.
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