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Solar street lamp installation must be far away from the myth

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
Since the advent of solar street lamps, deeply domestic and foreign customers like, solar energy street light has helped countries save much energy, in order to make the earth's environment better, many cities are now in take the time to buy and install solar street light, today to introduce you to install solar street lamps must be far away from the myth.

1, not to double side lighting, solar panel opposite tilt
some solar street lamp installation personnel, in order to make beautiful, sometimes may be adopted across the solar panel tilted symmetry method for installation, in this way, facing the sun is right, and the other side must be wrong, because the sun is less than solar panels, charge is particularly slow, even may not charge the electricity.
2, installation of solar panels Angle adjustment has a problem, leading to low efficiency of solar panels charge
solar panel installation, the Angle should be regulated, the light can be directly according to the above the solar panels, such ability make solar panels charging efficiency, the largest solar panel Angle adjustment, is to be adjusted according to the local dimension and the road surface.
3, do not lengthen the solar panels cable
may install solar panels too many distractions, many clients let construction team to separate the light and solar panels is very long, there are some customers May 10 meters long distance between, then just above the market to buy two core wires are linked together, on the market to sell the quality of wire rod is not so good, in a distance because stay too long, led to the line loss, charging efficiency reduce much more special, sometimes will make solar energy street light light time delay.
many clients after buying the solar street lamp, didn't pay attention to the above several error, it is easy to lead to can't normal use solar street lamps, so it is best to consult professional personnel, after buying that is installed solar street lights will see a few misconceptions related are introduced, hope you can help to you.
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