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Solar road lights procurement guidelines

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
We want to create the most perfect, the most reliable solar lighting system. We want to create the most perfect, the most reliable solar lighting system. Energy saving: to supply solar photovoltaic power, abundant, an inexhaustible; Application of solar lighting lamps and lanterns

a, material: all the purchase of solar street lamps must be after strict selection, one by one to carry out the control experiment. We want to create for the customer the most perfect, the most solid solar lighting management system.

2, environmental protection and energy saving: photoelectric conversion to solar energy supply and demand balance of electromagnetic energy, limitless reserve, using them all; Using solar power lighting without voltage, one-time investment, need not all maintenance costs.

3, environmental protection, low carbon environmental protection solar street lamp, zero pollution, no noise, no radiation, green ecological maintenance.

4, security: due to the solar street light without using alternating current, is only the battery digestion absorption of solar power, will be concentrated into electromagnetic energy, low power supply system, LED street light, is the most safety switch power supply, there is absolutely no electric shock accidents, accidents such as fire accident.

5, convenient: the installation of solar street lamps, do not need to shop all routes, if make a concrete base, can be fixed with stainless steel bolts; There is no electricity power brownouts.

6, long life, high technical content, solar street lamps to grasp the management system, is the international famous brand spare parts, intelligent systems, solid quality, use of the service life of 20 years.

7, adaptability, street lamp, lamp, lamp mouth, are processed through oxidation resistance, resistance to decay, natural environment into the strong, the frost resistance, resistance to sun exposure.
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