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solar lights manufacturers seecol replaces street lights with solar technology.

by:ALLTOP      2019-10-09
Bangalore, India, May 03, 2013--(PR. com)--
As more and more cities see high economic benefits
The high-efficiency solar street lamp produced by solar street lamp manufacturers is developing rapidly from the experimental stage and becoming a new standard.
With these new solar street lamp technologies, solar street lamp manufacturers are thriving in the lighting solutions market.
Leading lighting innovation company-
SEECOL series solar street lamps have launched a next-generation performance upgrade.
The new series offers higher lumen output and additional energy savings, which are outdated high-
Pressure Sodium and metal
Halogen fixing device for street lighting.
While some variants offer additional energy savings of up to 20% and higher lumen output, others offer up to 15% of these feature upgrades compared to older versions.
The upgraded solar street light range not only provides better performance, but also reduces the customer\'s budget, and the return is up to 25% compared to previous products.
Cost savings can benefit customers.
Led requires very natural solar energy and less maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting sources.
However, the rapid adoption of solar street lights is not an easy task. front costs.
SEECOL, which accounts for more than 8% of the global solar market, remains committed to driving solar technology adoption by optimizing performance and narrowing the gap between solar lighting and traditional technologies.
SEECOL, a Solar lamp maker in India, said they will gradually replace the 44,000 street lights it has in communities across India with Solar street lights. Mr.
Harsha Murthy, CEO of SEECOL, said, \"We want to help our customers become more dynamic --
Efficient Solar street light.
About 20 major cities
Deals for SEECOL products, a state-owned utility, bought about thousands of solar street lights last year, more on the way.
According to US data, street and highway lighting consumed about 275 billion kWh of lighting or 21% of commercial power consumption during 2011S.
Energy Information Administration
Replacing old street lamps for solar street lamps can save all energy by using natural solar energy.
In January 2012, SEECOL replaced thousands of street lights with solar street lights in different cities in India.
If all goes well, we can replace 92,000 lights . \"
Harsha Murthy, CEO of SEECOL.
The momentum is growing rapidly and we aim to encourage and optimize the development of solar street lamps.
He added that this happened in many towns and towns across India.
He also said solar street lights have an advantage.
They use natural energy and better handle outdoor temperature changes and moisture.
This makes them attractive as external safety lights and commercial street lights.
Solar street lights are more eco-friendly than fluorescent bulbs because they contain less mercury.
About SEECOL: SEECOL is a Lights lamp manufacturer based in India.
Our mission is not only to produce solar products, but also to produce solar products in a fashion, reliable and affordable manner.
Our solar energy lighting technology, advanced motion detection and damage-proof structure make our solar energy lighting products different from others.
As one of the best Lights lamp manufacturers, SEECOL offers a range of solar lighting products from low to high performance to different customers.
The main Solar products of secco Lights lamp manufacturers include Solar lamps, Solar Emergency lamps, Solar street lamps, Solar street lamps, Solar garden lighting, Solar lawn lighting, etc.
Contact details: SEECOL James Mathews 08040916226 contact by emailseecol. co.
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