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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Someone question for solar led street lamp, solar energy is suitable match with led? Lighting to tell you the answer is, no doubt, the collocation of the two makes the use of street lamp is more affordable. Solar photovoltaic power generation technology can with perfect combination of LED lighting is the key to both for the low voltage direct current (dc), and can match each other. Solar LED street lamp don't need to link the two will therefore solar cells produce direct current into alternating current (ac), thus greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system. At the same time, by using grid technology or use battery energy, make its advantages more apparent. With the in-depth study of related technology, LED luminous efficiency is improving, high brightness LED is coming, will replace the ordinary light source, and a large number of energy saving and pollution-free. And as the light source of LED semiconductor lighting source has a long service life, high luminous efficiency, small volume, light weight, environmental protection, safe and reliable, and other advantages, also has a significant advantage is due to the leds start voltage and working voltage, so there's no need to use ballast. So in saving cost and energy consumption at the same time, also greatly shorten the response time of power. The collocation of solar energy and LED, greatly improving the service life of the solar LED street lamp, street lamp to prevent inferior to.
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