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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Today's fast development of science and technology, the earth's environment is no longer green, everywhere is contaminated, now solar energy conservation and environmental protection has been increasingly on the agenda, solar energy has become a new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection now many appliances use have been replaced by solar energy, and the traditional street lamps is gradually replaced by solar LED street light, believe that as long as it is a good product to everybody, will soon be able to get everybody's like, pv, LED street lights are one of solar products, solar LED street light is now widely used in parks, scenic spot, the place such as garden, rise to beautify the lawn, resource conservation, easy to use, then we will see about the advantages of street lights and solar LED street light mainly using photovoltaic panels of energy to work, when the sun on the photovoltaic panels during the day, the light energy into electrical energy stored in batteries, again by battery supplies power for the street lights at night. Advantages mainly is convenient, safe, environmental protection, energy saving, etc. , for residential green grass dotted, park lawn beautification. A circuit board IC should match 1 section 5 rechargeable battery can drive 1 to 7 of LED light-emitting diodes, many sets of circuit board IC is also the and so on; Solar LED street light controller IC and some of the components, main functions are photosensitive control circuit, drive circuit, pulse width modulation circuit and charging circuit, etc. The controller has a very high conversion efficiency (80 ~ 85% Typical values) And at the same time can reduce the power requirements of photovoltaic panels, Adjustable output current, etc. LED solar LED street light photovoltaic system of LED street light step-up IC, can automatically switch for charging and discharging photovoltaic panels during the day induction to the sun, the automatic switch to shut down the light pattern then enter the charging status, and the night when the pv panels induction is less than the sun, auto switch to enter into the state of battery discharge on the lights. Solar LED street light step-up IC, can put 1. 5 volt rechargeable battery output voltage up to 3. 6 volt. LED solar LED street light structure composed of photovoltaic panels components, high brightness LED light source, the rechargeable electric and maintenance-free battery, automatic control circuit, lamps, etc. The current basic chooses the LED street light as the light source, because LED light source, long life, but also can reach more than 100000 hours, working voltage will be lower, very suitable for application in solar LED street light. And LED technology has been the key breakthrough, its characteristics in the past five years have bigger rise, price is also significantly increase. In addition, the LED light source is the low voltage dc power supply, light source, the control of the cost is low, can adjust the brightness of the light and shade effect, frequent switch has become possible, and no other adverse impact on the performance of the leds. Solar LED street lamps light source and power supply system design method for solar LED street light the unique advantages, but also get rapid development in recent years. The street light power is small, main purpose is the adornment is given priority to, its mobility demand is higher, more without laying complex circuit. All of these make solar LED street light shows many advantages like never before. Lighting.
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