Solar LED street light price is what factors influence the dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar LED street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Now all aspects of solar LED street lamp is very popular, because solar LED street lamp truly pollution-free, pollution-free, solar LED street lamp power from solar energy, no electricity, so completely save electricity, it is also a lot of user to select one of the reasons for the solar LED street light, but each user wants to buy good quality products, and after understanding the strength of the manufacturer and credit, considering the problem is the price of solar LED street light. For buying solar LED street light users, however, naturally want to on the basis of ensure consistent product quality, the lower the price, the better. But the perspective-taking, suppliers will also maintain their own interests hope to sell to the good price; Accordingly, drag a table saw war is, has been formed in price negotiations would be inevitable in nature. So let's look at the solar LED street light price shall be decided by what way? 1. If according to the composition of a whole set of solar LED street light to calculate, is mainly composed of light, street light pole. LED street lamp power supply, the components of the power and the size of the battery, controller and other parts. 2. If part of segmentation can be used to calculate, the determinants of solar LED street light price also include the size of the styles of lamps and lanterns, light source network size and brand, brand and wattage of LED street lamp power supply, and the height of the light pole, material, thickness, etc. , and even some of packing, buried cage will be determinants of price. 3. Mainly according to the specific needs configuration to determine solar LED street light, because a lot of solar LED street light its configuration, size, material is slightly different, such as a variety of factors, so there is no standard pricing of solar LED street light.
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